Our unique design of the Schwenker Grill utilizes a near frictionless bearing swivel design, quick disconnect legs, and grill height adjuster handle that can’t get any easier to operate; slide up, slide down. It’s that easy.

Schwenker Grill kits start at $650. Call Jordan at 36O-643-O719 to get your order in. Currently we are 1 week backordered, which means your order will be built and shipped out next week.

Picture of 2 Schwenker Grill Setups

Pictured are two variations of our Schwenker Grill Products. The left Schwenker is standing on 10 foot 2×4 lumber, while the right Schwenker is on sun deck treated 12 footers.

Schwenker Grills are built for years of FUN backyard fire cooking. Where to start… The Schwenker Grill kit is designed to give the Meister (cook) control of heat, movement, smoke flavor, and breathing time. These grills swing, spin, and move up and down for all kinds of desired tastes and fire heating conditions. You can even use a Weber Grill for a fire pit under a Schwenker Grill.. Seriously.

There’s no better tasting pies, cakes, chicken, traditional meat patties, roasts, pizzas, salmon, and much more cooked on a Schwenker. Recipes WILL be coming soon!

Are you Schwenken yet? What are you waiting for? There’s several ways to reach us. You can email Sales@SchwenkerGrills.com, use the comment form below, or simply talk to Brad in person; not deferred technology; but a real person! Call Brad at 360-Three Zero One-4311.

If you should buy a custom Schwenker Grill and it does not meet your expectation, we definitely want to hear about it… We strive to make the best. So…. Any tip or recommendation you make, will create a better Schwenker. Who knows, your great idea may win you one! Start inventing!

Our line of Schwenker products are designed and built on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, USA. Each Schwenker kit is hand made and tested to meet or exceed my own personal expectation. Yes, I’m picky! Steve Jobs, why did you have to leave us? I have to like each one before I can accept your hard earned money. I know how hard it is, yet I also know what’s worth spending the bucks on. These grills take many hours to build, and we want you to appreciate what you buy. We strive to build quality.

We do not ship Rocks, firewood, and 2×4 lumber. However, with our design, we’ve made every attempt to utilize 2×4 lumber, firewood, and rocks in which you can find just about anywhere! Schwenk On!

Commissioned Schwenker Grills require half payment prior to fabrication, and the remainder balance paid upon local delivery. YES, We usually have trouble keeping Schwenkers in stock!!! They’re time consuming, but worth every penny. See our products page while you’re here.

If a Schwenker Grill is to be shipped, final balance is paid plus shipping expenses prior to shipping. Pictures of your finalized product will be made available at your request prior to final payment. We want you to be a happy Schwenk Meister, proud to dominate that fire with an appetite.

As of current, our Schwenker Grill products come in standing sizes of 10, 12, and 14 foot tripods, and a 24 inch diameter grill. If we’re not set up to build a specially requested grill size, we’ll split the set-up cost with you.

We at Schwenker Grills look forward to build your next Schwenker.

Because it’s not just food over a fire, it’s a story! Are you listening?

Thanks for visiting!




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